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A Low Cost Dental Plan For Georgia

Scroll Down Page, See ] 4 Easy Steps to Dental Savings
1. View Discounts ... 2. Look-Up Dentists ... 3. Wise Choice ... 4. Join Now ... + Tips for a Fast Start

Step 1 ] See Actual Discounted Fees (less guesswork!)

When you go to a plan General Dentist, your fees are reduced according to a written Schedule of Discounts. You save 20% to 60%. At a participating Dental Specialist, you save 20% off normal fees.

Dental Plan 500 Series Discounts

Plan Advantage: Less guesswork - see your savings before you join, with discounted fees in writing on over 100 dental procedures.

Links to open FULL Schedule of Discounts

-- Best for Viewing  >  Plan 501 Schedule of Discounts (html)
-- Best for Printing  >  Plan 501 Schedule of Discounts (pdf)

Note: The links above open in a new Window.

A Small Sample of Plan 501 Savings
Sample Dental Services* Plan 501
You Pay
0120 Oral Exam $ 15 $ 55 73%
0210 Full-mouth x-rays $ 43 $ 143 70%
1110 Regular Cleaning $ 31 $ 99 69%
2140 Amalgam Filling (1 surface) $ 43 $ 156 73%
2752 Porcelain Crown (fused to noble metal) $ 483 $ 1,177 59%
5110-20 Complete Upper or Lower Denture $ 643 $ 1,874 66%
7140 Simple Extraction $ 55 $ 190 71%
---- Orthodontia / Braces 20% off normal fees $ 800 +
 *   Discount Fee Schedules are for General Dentists. Schedules vary by state.
 ** Based on 80th percentile of the 2013 National Dental Advisory Service Comprehensive Fee Report.

Suggestion: Bookmark this page, so you can look-up (1) Plan Discounted Fees and (2) Plan Dentists anytime.

Step 2 ] Look-up Plan Dental Offices Near You

As a plan member, you receive substantial discounts on nearly all dental procedures at participating plan dentists.
Your key to value is a suitable selection of plan dentists in your area. Check it out now.

Dental Dentists

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C...  Enter Your Zip Code:   

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Plan Advantage: You are not required to pre-select a dentist. You are free to seek care from any participating dentist in the plan. No referrals are required. You may choose from over 98,000 dental providers nationwide..

Step 3 ] A Wise Choice

Careington is one of America's most popular dental plans and a wise choice, because it works!

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A Wise Choice
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Step 4 ] Three Ways To Join Now

(Vision & Rx Cards included)
Members per Household Your Cost
Individual Plan $9.95/month*, or $99.00/year**
2  Members $14.95/month*, or $149.00/year**
3+ Members $17.95/month*, or $179.00/year**
  *plus a one-time, non-refundable $30 processing fee.
**plus a one-time, non-refundable $20 processing fee.
Click-On Your Choice Below (Links open in a new Window.)
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Plan Advantage: You may elect to start (1) the first of next month, or (2) the first of this "current month" and your membership is back-dated so you may start ASAP (see Tips For A Fast Start below).

Plan Advantage: Everyone within a single household may join together on a single plan, regardless of relationship.

Low Cost Dental Plan with Visa, MasterCard, American Express Dental Plan with Discover, not dental insurance

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Careington - A Low-Cost Dental Plan
Tips For A Fast Start

Welcome to low cost dental.Welcome! As a new member in the Careington Dental Plan CARE 500 Series, you will receive your new Membership packet and ID card in about 10 business days.

You do not need to wait for your ID Card by mail to start using your dental plan immediately.

After joining here online, within 30 minutes you will receive a temporary dental plan ID via e-mail. Print this ID and take (along with a picture ID) to your first dental office visit.

Don't be confused: Your ID Cards will say Careington "500 Series." There are eight Discount Fee Schedules, "501" through "508" which vary by state. (See your State page for plan schedule.)

Fast Start Tip 1.  When making your first appointment, verify that the dental office is a current Careington Dental Plan "500 Series" provider and is accepting new patients.

Fast Start Tip 2.  Print your Temporary ID and take it on your first dental office visit. If no printed ID is available, your new membership can also be verified by telephone.

Fast Start Tip 3.  We suggest that you print a copy of the full Schedule of Discounts for your State and take it with you on your first dental office visit to be sure you are being billed properly. (These are Careington's best savings!)

Checklist...  (1) verify dental office, (2) temporary e-mail ID, (3) schedule of discounts.

Vision & Rx Cards: You may use the Vision card once you receive your Dental Plan packet by regular mail.
Rx card: print here.

Affordable, Low-Cost Dental Care
from Liberty Dental Services
National General Agents for Careington International

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